Shine the light on new avenues to learn

Where do I go from here?

Digital learning fascinates me.  I have been teaching online University courses since the mid 1990s. Many times I hit the wall in what seemed to be a limit to how these learning modules are designed and then implemented. In the river of life, I cherish pedagogical opportunities to expand my mind to think outside of the box and elicit dynamic learning environments.

One of my favorite online courses I proctor is designed for students to turn their kitchen into a lab and do Science experimentation with food, to learn science principles. It attracts a wide range of participants: accomplished cook & chefs, humble or bashful cooks and some who proclaim to not cook. We get science and non science majors taking this foodie course.

I gain more knowledge from my students in an online platform then in the traditional classroom. I suspect the removal of face to face interactions sets a stage for more students to relax and get involved in the process of sharing what they know or asking questions of clarity with out fear of standing out in a negative light. I tell all my students: “The only dumb question is the one that is not asked.”.

This teacher wants to learn. Feel free to share your ideas and inspire me.